Howie Mandel Reveals The Best Act He’s Seen on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Howie Mandel is a pivotal part of America’s Got Talent, witnessing every act under the sun and moon, with some eventually becoming stars.

But what’s the best he’s seen?

Well, Mandel has a long list of those that have left him impressed. But he gives the edge to The Mayyans, a Lebanese dance group, while also offering a tip of the cap to the magic acts.

“The magicians are doing things in a way that we’ve never seen it done before,” Mandel told reporters. “If it’s Mervant Vera, who is rapping and singing along with his magic, to Nicolas RIBS with the shadows, or Don McMillan with PowerPoint, all the magicians this year have risen to the occasion, and we’ve just seen things done in a way we’ve never seen it done before.”

Mayyas Surprises The Crowd With Amazing Dance

Still, there’s something extra special about The Mayyans, Mandel indicated.

“Here in the room, I don’t know how it translated on television, but here I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “It was like watching a real hypnotic, beautiful creature come to life. Then add who they are, the empowerment of women, where they come from and their culture, and it was so inspirational. I could have watched them for two hours.”

America’s Got Talent airs its Season 17 finale on Sept. 13, and Mandel surmised it may be the best season yet.

“I’ve always said that each year inspires the next year,” he said. “People get good ideas and get inspired and go, “I can do that, but I can do that better and I can light myself on fire,” so imagine that for the last two years were all these inspired people but they never came out and now that flood gate is open. I think we have the most spectacular year we’ve had in the history of AGT.

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