Get to Know ‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser and His Three Children

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With every new season, not to mention every spinoff, the Yellowstone universe continues to expand.  The main cast of Yellowstone alone — sans offshoot series — features a whopping main cast of about 20 actors.

We recently introduced you to one of the neo-Western’s main cast members, Kelly Reilly. Here’s another “meet and greet” of sorts, before you dive into the Paramount Network drama. Here’s a closer look at Cole Hauser (and, for good measure, his children).

Welcome to Yellowstone

The smash hit Western drama series, which started in 2018, follows the Duttons. They own the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton ranch — the largest contiguous one in the U.S.

The program often revolves around family drama and their conflicts with the neighboring Broken Rock Indian Reservation, developers, and the national park, per Deadline.

Sheridan is already working on the script for Season 6 of Yellowstone

Who Is Cole Hauser?

Actor Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, the ranch foreman at the ranch and very loyal to John Dutton III (Kevin Costner), the Dutton family’s widowed sixth-generation patriarch.

In real life, Hauser is the great-grandson of Harry M. Warner from Warner Bros and he comes from a line of Hollywood screenwriters and producers.

Cole Hauser’s long list of film credits includes a wide range of material. Most notably, his past roles included Good Will Hunting2 Fast 2 Furious, and the beloved classic Dazed and Confused

Cole Hauser and Yellowstone … and His Clan

Cole Hauser’s salary for Yellowstone is right around most of the people listed already, at about $200,000 per episode. However, partly from his career in acting, and partly from inherited wealth, Hauser’s estimated net worth today sits at $8 million.

When not staying busy with acting, The Independent Spirit Award winner is…well, getting busy. 

Cole Hauser boasts a clan large entire to rival Yellowstone’s cast. Hauser and his wife Cynthia Daniel, a photographer, have three children: Ryland (born in 2004), Colt (2008), and Steely Rose (2012), according to Country Music Family.

Hauser is generous with sharing photos of his family. Check out his Instagram for much more.

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