Is Martha Stewart Retiring Any Time Soon?

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Martha Stewart isn’t making retirement plans. At 81, her schedule is as busy as ever, and she’s not ready to slow things down!

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“There’s no relaxing really going on,” Stewart told People of her current day-to-day life. When she’s not running her business or writing her next book, she’s “planning the next garden, weeding the borders, running to find some more trees for another project.”

The lifestyle author is obviously in incredible shape for her age. After all, she just appeared on the cover of the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! However, Stewart revealed that, even if her health changes, she doesn’t think she’ll stop working.

“There’s no reason to retire,” she said. “I can write sitting down, I can dictate lying down if I have to. I can do any number of things in different places in different ways.”

Martha Stewart Won’t Be Slowing Down for Anyone

The television host explained that she just doesn’t see the appeal of rest and relaxation.

“That’s not what my life is about,” she said. “My life is about doing things and learning things and teaching things.”

Having wrapped up a second season of Martha Cooks in April, Stewart is now in the middle of a major project: writing her 100th book! To celebrate this important milestone, the celebrity chef will be publishing 100 of her favorite recipes.

“We have beautiful photographs, historic photographs from over the years of the dishes and how they’ve changed,” she revealed to People. “It just shows how, over the years, things have changed in presentation, dishes and glassware even. It’s sort of curious!”

How on earth does Martha Stewart keep her energy up? In previous interviews, the entrepreneur shared that she takes excellent care of herself by eating healthy, exercising, and pampering her skin. Whatever she’s doing is clearly working for her!

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