Is Ryan Reynolds Taking a Break From Acting?

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Actor Ryan Reynolds has been everywhere lately. Mostly on Welcome to Wrexham, the FX documentary series based on his co-ownership of the Welsh soccer club.

But he will also co-star with Will Ferrell in the upcoming Christmas musical movie Spirited, and has been making waves with all the talk of Deadpool 3.

Somewhere in there, Reynolds has managed to take a break from acting — and he has found it to be fairly glorious, it seems.

“It was just great,” he told ET’s Rachel Smith of his hiatus. “I just love being home with my family and taking the kids to school. I have so many other aspects of my life that keep me busy.”

Welcome to Wrexham Documentary

As for Spirited, Reynolds says he gave singing and dancing and being involved in a musical his best shot.

“As I’ve gotten older I’m more comfortable sucking at stuff,” he said of agreeing to do the project in the first place. “I really do believe that you can’t really be good at something unless you’re willing to suck at it,

“… For dancing, just start off slow, and then you move onto smooth, and then you can start to go fast. We just were patient.”

Spirited Trailer

Reynolds, 46, isn’t likely to stay on the sidelines for long. There’s talk he could be another pro soccer club, and while another documentary isn’t likely in the works, more movies are probably on the way soon.

He has been married to actress Blake Lively since 2012, and the couple share three children together.

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