Jamie Lee Curtis Signs ‘Contract’ to Confirm She’ll Never Star in ‘Halloween’ Again

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

For Jamie Lee Curtis, getting chased around by the same masked lunatic for 40 years can get old.

So Curtis is never doing it again, and she even signed a contract on Jimmy Kimmel Live to confirm as much.

Of course, Curtis is still in another Halloween movie, running for her life from Michael Myers, the masked lunatic in question. This time, it all takes place in Halloween Ends, the latest installment of the frightening franchise.

She originally appeared in one of these flicks was 1978, when she portrayed menaced babysitter Laurie Strode for the first time. That just happened to be the first Halloween film of them all, and Curtis was just 19 years old. She’s gone on to multiple acting roles, in much more respected movies, since.

No More Halloween For Jamie Lee Curtis

But Halloween and its follow-ups are considered classics. And who knows? There will likely be more.

Curtis, however, has sworn them off. And again, signed a document to drive the point home after Kimmel read the contract on the air.

“I declare this is my last Halloween movie,” Kimmel read aloud. “I, Jamie Lee Curtis, queen of scream, daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, mother of Lindsay Lohan. Hereby sweareth under penalty of perjury, that Halloween Ends will be the last Halloween movie I will ever appear in. For all time, across all sequels, and multiverses. Enforceable by the Police Department of Haddonfield, Illinois. May God have mercy on all of us.”

Curtis responded by joking that “I should call my lawyer first before I sign anything.” Then she went ahead and signed it, anyway.

So, if this really is her last stand, then Halloween Ends may be worth a watch. You can catch it both in theaters and on the Peacock streaming app on Oct. 14.

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