Jason Momoa Just Posted His Butt on Instagram, and His Fans Can’t Get Enough

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Giant Momoa Jason Momoa just made us die. He wore a loin cloth on a fishing trip and now the image of his tremendous derrière has made a permanent imprint in our memories. Nay, try to take it away. You will never.

The Thing About Jason Momoa’s Butt Is…

Here’s the thing. It’s Jason Momoa. He’s 6’ 4” and a Hawaiian native. Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa. He was born on August 1, 1979, which makes him a Leo and the Year of the Goat which makes perfect sense. He’s a sexy-Lion-Goat who likes to fish in a loin cloth. Rawwrr.

In all seriousness, Momoa just caught a massive fish while wearing a traditional Hawaiian loin cloth and it’s totally badass. The entire internet is reeling. We all feel like Kristen Bell on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Momoa’s beautiful fishing excursion was posted to Instagram. You’d never know what lies behind the first photo of the rainbow, but you need to believe, because it truly is a pot of gold. It’s Jason Momoa’s butt.

It’s magically delicious.

“rainbows in my @mananalu.water sunday funday,” wrote Momoa. “amazing time with da ohana. big mahalo to captain hopper and J for helping us catch some aku. dried aku all week. cheeehuuu @brianandrewmendoza @love_cycles @monamabel cliff @kahookahi @mananalu.water aloha j.”

Keep scrolling right and then you see a squinting Momoa holding up an aku (skipjack tuna). Next to him is his buddy, also holding an aku. His friend is wearing normal board shorts.

The next click will bring you to a video of the catch. Momoa is reeling in the aku, incredibly focused. You can tell he’s done this before just by the way he’s standing. It makes his butt really stick out.

“Fresh sashimi!” someone exclaims off-camera. “Wow, it’s a big one. Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Another man helps pluck the fish out of the water. It’s massive and gorgeous. Just like… okay, I’ll stop.

Meanwhile, the wind is thumping against gear on the boat and almost sounds like drumming. It’s also gently blowing the waistline of Momoa’s gorgeous man thong. It’s a perfect day. And now we all want to move to Hawaii.

The Other Time We Saw Momoa’s Butt

This isn’t the first time Jason Momoa has shown his butt on the internet. There was another although the entire vibe was different. It was in a moment of fun during his Hot Boy Summer skit with James Corden. The two men pranced around the world in a montage and at one point were barbecuing in the nude.

Corden and Momoa are grilling hot dogs while wearing red aprons. Then they turn and we see their butts. But those butts are blurred. They aren’t the full-spectrum, Poseidon-esque, warrior cheeks that the Aquaman actor so generously shared with us on his social media a couple of days ago.

Jason Momoa Keeps It Balanced With Pink

Notably, if you scroll enough through Jason Momoa’s social media (like I just did), you’ll see two common themes. One is, Jason Momoa’s resting face is incredibly sexy and it’s frankly too much, stop it. The other is that he loves to wear pink and sometimes purple. Not many men can pull off the color palette with the same air of masculinity as he can, but it seems he’s doing some important work on this Earth to change that.

During an interview with InStyle, Momoa showed up in all-pink and was asked about the color. “Pink is just a beautiful color,” he said. “And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a sh** what anyone thinks.” He’s also often spotted with his “signature” pink hair scrunchie.

About That Fishing Trip… Fans Are Ecstatic

Right, back to that massive aku. The comments section was flooded with a combination of remarks about Momoa’s buttocks and gratitude for his work in fighting tyranny.

“Lula!” was plastered everywhere. Lula is short for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s left-leaning former president. He’s challenging the right-leaning Jair Bolsonaro, who has been accused of eco-fascism due to his policies which have actively contributed to the destruction of the Amazon. Jason Momoa just endorsed Lula, and many approve.

Apart from the “fighting tyranny” thing, though, fans just wanted to see more of Momoa’s outfit. Can a loin cloth technically be an “outfit”? Maybe if you pair it with a scrunchie.

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