Jessica Simpson is Worrying Fans After Posting ‘Alarming’ Photo

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Videos by Rare

Jessica Simpson is continuing to draw concern among fans as she posts photos on Instagram showing her dramatic weight loss.

Jessica Simpson’s weight has fluctuated by 100 pounds on numerous occasions. The singer, actress, and businesswoman’s body shape is fluid — and she’s had three babies.

After fans raised concerns about her dramatic weight loss earlier this year, Simpson took to social media two months ago to address the concerns, reminding the public that she’s been sober for five years.

The public wave of concern mostly began when Simpson posted a photo of herself in a Nordstrom advertisement. She’s wearing a belted jumper, jacket, and cowgirl boots.

Her legs look toned and she’s smiling, but there is something a bit odd about her facial features. It seems like her face is a bit more sunken than we’ve been used to lately, and her eyes look unusually large, both which can happen when a person has lost an unhealthy amount of weight.

Fans have called the photos “painful” and “concerning.”

Simpson posted the most recent photo to draw flak to her Instagram account five days ago.

Jessica Simpson’s Not-So-Fun Social Media Adventures

The comments have continued all over Simpson’s social media posts. Of course, many fans are defending her and telling her she’s awesome and beautiful. One person made a comment on another photo that Simpson posted of herself wearing her “Goblin Glams.”

“If y’all follow Jess you know how much negative words around her weight have affected her so maybe keep your comments to yourself,” wrote a fan. “She’s living for herself. Let her live. She’s beautiful inside and out at any size. It’s like y’all forget you’re speaking to a real human with real emotions. Get some class. Jess you are so loved.”

Two years ago, Jessica Simpson published a memoir, Open Book, that talked about her past addictions. She was dependent on alcohol and pills and found herself drinking by 7 am. Finally, after blacking out at a Halloween party while with her family, she decided to get help.

Simpson also told the Today Show that she would often drink on-camera. There was one episode of The Ellen Show in which she was drinking out of a glitter cup.

“I can’t watch it. It was a weak moment for me, and I wasn’t in the right place. I had started a spiral,” Simpson told Today.

As far as Simpson’s weight right now, it’s really none of our business. We have no idea what Simpson’s been doing. But we can hope that she’s still on the sober train and try to support her. The same goes for anyone else out there struggling with addiction.

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