Johnny Depp Surprises ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Fan With Jack Sparrow Impression

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Johnny Depp just gave a fan the sweetest surprise. While visiting his hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky, Depp visited a superfan and did an impromptu Captain Jack Sparrow impression. He had her in stitches and even gave her a hug.

Watch the Viral TikTok Video of Johnny Depp Doing a Captain Jack Sparrow Impression


This is another video of Johnny spending time with Christine Kelly ( the wonderful lady that made us all cry when she met Johnny. @johnnydepp #johnnydepp #johnnydeppforever #johnnydeppsbigheart #beautifulsoul (credit to Christinekelly838)

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Depp made the hometown visit just ahead of his UK tour with Jeff Beck. According to reports, Depp asked fans to keep his visit a secret until he left town. Presumably, this was so he could make it out of town — he would have been swamped with hordes of fans if everyone knew.

In this video, you can see Johnny Depp meeting fan Christine Kelly, who is in a wheelchair. He gives her the warmest hug and then sits down with her for a chat.

Many viewers were incredulous that the person on camera was indeed Johnny Depp. His face is shaven, and he looks different than we’re often used to seeing him. But once he started rambling about rum, it was clear. Captain Jack Sparrow was being channeled through his rightful body.

The Kentucky family visit and fan surprises come on the heels of yet another rumor that Johnny Depp will be returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow Rumors Will Make Your Head Spin

We’ve all been toyed with again and again and don’t know what to think of the rumor. Depp was dropped from Disney+ after allegations from ex-wife Amber Heard came out in full steam. And he said, under oath, that he would never return to Pirates, not even for “$300 million and a million alpacas.”

Then we heard that Pirates of the Caribbean was working on multiple scripts. One would be for Margot Robbie. Robbie was being considered as the new lead and replacement for Captain Jack Sparrow. It made sense in a way, as Robbie can certainly nail the whole swashbuckling-cray cray persona. Maybe she hasn’t played a pirate yet, but she definitely swept fans off their feet with her Harley Quinn character.

After news circulated of multiple scripts being made, a rumor which was traced to Australian gossip site Poptopic claimed that Disney+ executives had offered Depp not $300 million, but $301 million (as well as a fancy gift basket) for his return to the Pirates franchise. Fans went wild with joy, after numerous petitions had circulated demanding his return.

But a rep for Johnny Depp soon denied this rumor, claiming it was false.

And then there was the rumor that Dwayne Johnson might be the new lead in a Pirates spin-off. But that was debunked, too.

Are you feeling the anxiety yet?

Last month, Giant Freakin Robot reported that, according to their “trusted and proven sources,” Disney+ is actually creating an animated version of Pirates of the Caribbean. An animated spinoff would hypothetically circumvent the whole issue of finding the correct actual human to replace Johnny Depp. Because, as we all know, that’s impossible. There can be only one Johnny Depp.

Now, the Poptopic rumor is recirculating — but you should probably ignore it. The same claims are being made about Disney+ hoping Depp will forgive them. We all care about mental health here, so don’t take the bait. That ship has probably sailed, and Johnny Depp probably won’t return for a 6th Pirates movie.

However, if it makes you feel any better you can dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween this year! has some incredible ensembles ranging from kid size to plus size. TMZ reports that, according to the retailer, sales of the costume have rocketed by 90% this year.

And in the meantime, you should definitely watch Johnny Depp cheer up his super fan. Captain Jack Sparrow lives on in our hearts.

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