Josh Brolin Says He Takes Morning Cold Water Plunge with Wife Kathryn Boyd


Acclaimed actor Josh Brolin has revealed through an Instagram story that he and his wife Kathryn Boyd enjoy ice water baths as a morning ritual. Brolin posted a video to social media this past Monday that depicted Boyd hopping into the freezing bathtub.

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The video was accompanied by the caption, “Morning everybody. Beautiful day in Santa Fe. Today’s dip is in honor of [filmmaker] Paul Thomas Anderson. Who turned us on to cold plunging and high-octave breathing… and whining.” 

Josh Brolin’s Ice Water Bath Routine

Boyd was the first to jump in the tub, and can be heard saying in the video, “[I] beat you! Beat you!”  Before the video comes to a close, Brolin is seen flexing while Boyd does breathing exercises and lounges in the tub.

Another video that Brolin posted to his since-expired Instagram story showcases the couple playing with their two young daughters in the tub. 2-year-old Chapel Grace can be heard saying “I got your rubber ducky!” as her mom relaxes in the bath, also accompanied by 4-year-old Westlyn. Brolin is quite active on Instagram, creating many posts honoring his relationship with Boyd.

While being interviewed by Today about a study showing the benefits of an ice bath, sports medicine physician Dominic King said, “It showed that cold water immersion was an effective recovery tool after high intensity exercise, specifically HIIT exercises… You get constriction of your blood vessels in the blood flow to the area wherever you have ice or cold applied. So if it’s your entire body, you’re going to get constriction of those blood vessels throughout your body, focusing on your legs and your arms away from your core where most of your heat is held. ”

Brolin and Boyd have been married since September 2016. Boyd was Brolin’s assistant before they developed a romantic relationship. Brolin is currently in his third marriage. The Avengers: Endgame star was first married to Alice Adair, with whom he has two grown children, and again to Diane Lane, who he became separated from in 2013.

Brolin started his career as a child actor, making his film debut in The Goonies. Brolin has since starred in several acclaimed films including W., No Country for Old Men, and Inherent Vice. Brolin will next be seen on the big screen in the upcoming films Dune: Part Two and Brothers.

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