Josh Gad Speaks Out About Nashville Shooting: ‘When Does This Madness Ends?’


As more news about the tragic Nashville school shooting unfolds, community leaders, state officials, and celebrities are speaking out about the rampant gun violence wreaking havoc across the country. Actor Josh Gad is sharing his concerns.

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Calls For Change

“Today THREE 9-year-old children were massacred alongside three adults,” the post began. “There have been 140 mass shootings in America and it is March. When does this madness end?”

“How are books being banned and not assault weapons?” The post continued, “Drag hasn’t killed a single child but politicians are spending all of their time and energy making sure it’s banned, but every F—ING day another child is killed by guns.”

Gad went on to write, “Spare me the “buts,” spare me the “it’s mental illness,” spare me all the faux outrage over emails and drag shows and pictures of a naked statue.” These comments referenced recent events where politicians have made claims that the previous things were causing corruption in children.

Public Outrage


“Every single politician who takes a stand on all the bull—- but silently continues to accept money from the NRA isn’t simply a coward, they are complicit in the ongoing murder of our children. When do we say enough? When are we going to be angry enough to say our children shouldn’t have to fear every day at school being their last? When will it f—ing end?”

Other celebs have spoken out about the shooting, expressing concern, outrage, and calling for change.

Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill posted his concerns to Twitter. “A school shooting just happened near my sons school. Multiple children dead but let’s make sure that the gunman had his 2nd Amendment rights. F— you Bill Lee and f— the NRA.”

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  1. Keep blaming guns when the real problem Is the people doing the shooting. Get kids away from TV’s, computers, and computer games. Get them out of the house. I grew up never wanting to be indoors. I also blame the parents who use those things to baby sit their kids instead of being parents.
    The other issue I’d parents who won’t allow their kids to be responsible for their actions. Always blaming everyone else when their kids do something wrong. Let your kid pay yes consequences of their actions and they will learn right from wrong.

  2. Who is he? Stop blaming guns and start enforcing the laws that are in place now. Criminals and mentally impair people will not follow the law, they never have.

  3. With mental illness and all this trans this, bi that, violent video games hi rates of divorce child neglect. But you still want to ban guns? Telsa car keep catching fire $120,000 vehicle. People still get dui, I don’t see you banning cars. Stop with the banning gun crap. Put veterans in these schools, stop teaching kids to be soft, we live in a violent society. Banning guns is absolutely not the answer. Humans who operate under mental conditions they .may need to address. Stop infringing on my rights. You didn’t worry about me while I was in the military. I more weapons at my disposal then ,than I do know. Domestic terrorism right in our back yard, but you blame the gun. Let’s blame 9/11 on the airplanes.

  4. Politicians receive protection but school districts won’t pay to protect children with armed Resource Officers or off-duty cops. Schools are soft targets because they are “no gun zones”, so until that changes and schools get serious about securing these buildings, this will continue. It’s like they want this to continue to Nan guns. How many kids will the ISDs sacrifice to ban guns and leave us all at the mercy of criminals?!

  5. All the liberals want ban guns but they leave the border open so the drug lords can get drugs across the border that is killing people right and left. If we had someone in DC that had a brain this could be taken care of.

  6. Another celebrity who thinks his opinion matters and that he is right. It is not the gun that killed those children, it was the person pulling the trigger. A book could be used to kill someone if used “correctly”.

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