Kanye West Says Quentin Tarantino Stole His Idea for ‘Django Unchained’

‘Him and Jamie [Foxx] got the idea from me,’ West says.

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Videos by Rare

We all know how the saying goes: “Another day, another mess from ‘Ye.” Kanye West takes credit for too many offensive, controversial or just plain dumb remarks to count.

The rapper continued his streak on Friday during an interview with Piers Morgan. Kanye West made the ludicrous claim that Quentin Tarantino stole the idea for Django Unchained from him. Kanye. ‘Ye. Whatever you want to call him, whether in the third person or not.

“There are no limits to free speech,” he said on Piers Morgan Uncensored. “It’s all context, right? Tarantino can write a movie about slavery where … actually, him and Jamie [Foxx] got the idea from me, because the idea I pitched to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino as the video for [West’s 2005 song] ‘Gold Digger.’ And then Tarantino turned it into a film.”

Who Really Wrote Django Unchained?

In reality, even a passing moviegoer knows that Tarantino writes the movies that he directs. And while we’re at it, Foxx didn’t co-write Django Unchained either.

But, for good measure, we’ll give you a little more gold from Kanye. Fool’s gold, that is: “In [Django Unchained, Tarantino] creates a context where Leonardo DiCaprio is allowed to use the word ’n—–‘ multiple times. …. Hollywood’s job is to frame things. And they allow what content is accepted and what content is not.”

Additionally, Kanye complained that there is so much censorship in America that it seems like an episode of the sci-fi show Black Mirror “at times.” 

“When I bring up the truth, they’re gonna say, ‘You didn’t get enough sleep. It’s because of your health.’ But these experiences … are factually things that I’ve went through and things that I refuse to keep going through.”

Get some sleep, Kanye.

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