Kanye West Sparks Death Rumors After Missing For Days

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Kanye West is making headlines again, this time concerning fans all around. There’s a rumor going around that the actor might be dead after HITC spread the news that the rapper went missing. The  Grammy winner’s rumor began after a Twitter account that focused on hip-hop news called Daily Loud claimed the singer hasn’t been heard from in days.

“Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to be found for weeks, according to his ex-business manager,” the publication tweeted. As expected, several concerned fans immediately made the post viral, especially since the outlet didn’t reveal any details on the source of the odd information. The report goes on to say that several people believe the rumors spreading information that West is dead.

The Daily Loud Stirs The Pot

Despite the rumors, it was reported earlier that the singer decided to go radio silent, laying low on social media. So indeed, he isn’t missing, rather just taking a step back. 

Honestly, we can see why the rumors would surface since it’s been weeks since he hasn’t made an appearance online or even offline. Especially since he didn’t spend Christmas and New Year’s with his children. (This also sparked massive concern online making people wonder about where the rapper is.)

According to news reports, West hasn’t made a public appearance since December 18th meaning it’s been two weeks since he has been seen out in public. Recently his attorneys were unable to reach him to let him know that he is no longer a client following his anti-semitic outburst which targeted Jews.

No, Kanye is Not Dead.

Traurig LLP Told Insider magazine that they were unable to locate him to let him know that he’s no longer a client, which they are required to do in writing. However, the company was unable to find him.

Could this simply be a PR stunt? Probably. But, for now, until there is any clear news from the representative of Kanye on this matter, the news of his death will remain a hoax in our eyes.

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