Kate McKinnon had Ellen cracking up when she did this during a game of “Heads Up”

On Wednesday, SNL funny-girl Kate McKinnon stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and gave us all one laugh-out-loud segment when she and DeGeneres played “Heads Up.”

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In the game, McKinnon was told what accent and what profession she was supposed to imitate and DeGeneres had to guess.

Not surprisingly, McKinnon nailed every single one of her accents! She had DeGeneres and the audience cracking up with all of her accents but they especially enjoyed her Italian and Southern Belle impressions. McKinnon nearly stumped DeGeneres when her Swedish accent sounded a little more German but DeGeneres was able to recover after McKinnon gave Ikea as a clue.

In the end, DeGeneres guessed five out of the six clues correctly.

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