Keanu Reeves Just Revealed His Dream Marvel Superhero Role

What is it with handsome actors wanting to play a supernatural superhero with a flaming skull for a head?

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

What is it with handsome actors wanting to play a superhero character with a flaming skull for a head? Thus far, Nicolas Cage is the only actor who portrayed the supernatural stunt motorcyclist on the big screen. But a few months ago, Ryan Gosling voiced interest in playing Ghost Rider should the opportunity arise.

Now, we learn that no less than Keanu Reeves also loves the character so much that, hypothetically, he would want to make a movie riding around on a motorcycle with his head on fire.

(There’s actually a “teaser trailer” featuring Reeves as Ghost Rider floating around the Internet. While it’s a fun way to waste two minutes, the video is aspirational, as a Ghost Rider movie starring Reeves is not confirmed.)

Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider?

Reeves dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week to promote his wildly successful comic book series, BRZRKR. After a small disagreement over semantics, Kimmel coaxed Reeves into admitting that he’s a comic book nerd.

BRZRKR hit comic book shops in March 2021. The first edition of the series sold a whopping 650,000 copies.

Variety reported two months later that Keanu Reeves would star in and produce a live-action movie and anime series for Netflix.

Kimmel pointed out that Marvel has courted Reeves over the years for various roles. The actor said he admired Marvel’s success in recent decades and that he’d be honored to be part of that universe.

“Who would 10-year-old Reeves want to play?” Kimmel asked.

After a pause, Reeves answered, “I think [my kid self] would want to be Ghost Rider.”

Keanu Reeves’ Full Plate

Reeves already has an ambitious agenda. Any roles he might add to it would be in addition to reprising his role as former assassin John Wick in two more installments of that series, whose body counts are probably the highest since the days of Rambo.

As if that weren’t enough, last month Reeves announced that he’s bringing back Constantine for a sequel to be released some 17 years after the first installment hit theaters.

But the actor — who, at 58, is no spring chicken, by the way — still appears hungry for more action roles.

Kimmel cornered Reeves on why he keeps adding so many projects to his place, including BRZRKR, whose idea Reeves conceived.

“Why did you come up with this idea?” Kimmel queried. Don’t you have enough going on?”

Reeves answered excitedly: “Yeah, man, but I love telling stories.”

Kimmel also remarked on how BRZRKR’s main character is a spitting image of Reeves.

To audience’s laughter, he replied, “To be fair, I’m really right for the role. It’s almost like typecasting.”

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