Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Holidays as a Single Mom: ‘It’s Weird’

Single moms do, however, ‘get a little “me” time,’ the talk-show host observed.

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In terms of talk shows, we’ll remember 2022 as the year a slew of hosts announced their departures. All the while, daytime host Kelly Clarkson steadily grew an audience attracted to her clearly good-natured personality.

The American Idol winner brings a positive spirit, genuine interest during interviews, and overall authenticity that enhances her appeal. Case in point: On Monday, she candidly admitted on The Kelly Clarkson Show that many single mothers struggle with celebrating holidays.

Clarkson, who has two children and divorced last year, talked about those yuletide challenges during an interview with singer Jewel. 

“I’m a single mom, as you know, so single parenting is a big adjustment,” Jewel said. “I’ve been divorced for seven years.”

Clarkson agreed, saying, “[Thanksgiving] was weird for me … ‘cause you’ve always had a [family] there. And then, all of a sudden, you’re alone.” 

That said, Clarkson qualified that she does enjoy at least one aspect of celebrating the holidays as a single mom.

“You do get a little ‘me time,’” Clarkson noted.

Is Clarkson Becoming the next Talk-Show Juggernaut?

Clarkson comes across as eminently more likable than the talk-show hosts who left their gigs or announced their imminent departure this year. We’re looking at you, Ellen DeGeneres, Trevor Noah, James Corden, Wendy Williams, and Samantha Bee.

For instance, in an interview last week, Christina Applegate gave Clarkson the straight dope about her difficulties dealing with multiple sclerosis. Applegate apparently felt very comfortable talking with Clarkson, going as far to say that hearing about her MS diagnosis “sucked balls.”

Clarkson also recently talked self-deprecatingly about how sweat dripped down her back during her interview (and sing-along sesh) with Dolly Parton. That strain of honesty is typically lacking in most talk shows.

On Monday, Clarkson proved she’s not only talented at offering comfort to her interviewees — she’s also willing to open up about herself. Clarkson’s often homespun personality seems uniquely well-suited for a time when anger, cynicism, and mendacity dominate TV and movies alike.

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