Kelly Ripa once had a wardrobe malfunction on “Live” and Regis admitted he was “enjoying it”

In a June 2008 episode of “Live with Regis and Kelly,” Kelly Ripa experienced a little wardrobe malfunction with a skirt and it was just really bugging her!

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When they were on air, Ripa talked openly about the fact that she was sitting with her skirt unzipped and Philbin had the best response.

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“We have a wardrobe malfunction and it’s fun. I’m enjoying it,” he said, cracking the audience up.

Ripa was less amused by the broken zipper, however. “My zipper has betrayed me. My zipper is broken. I’m going to blame… the cleaners,” she said, trying to zip up her skirt. Her co-host offered to help her get the zipper up as she continued to deny that she could have gained weight and grown out of the skirt.

Philbin wastes no time trying to help out, and get his hands on her, Ripa has to remind him to chill. “Wait a minute, honey.”

While he tries his to get the zipper up, Ripa can’t help but tease him. “I said pull it up, not down.”

But, Philbin fires right back, “you wish!”

After struggling for a few minutes, a producer lets the hosts know that they will fix the skirt on a commercial break and not to waste valuable TV time.

“It’s beyond repair,” Philbin said and threw his hands in the air. “If I can’t fix it, no one can.”

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