Kevin Bacon and Daughter Take On Hilarious TikTok Dance Challenge

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kevin Bacon and daughter Sosie just took on the best TikTok dance challenge! After Meghan Trainor released “Made You Look” a few weeks ago, the world can’t get enough. Her song has gone viral on social media, and Kevin Bacon partaking in the shenanigans proves it.

Kevin and Daughter Sosie Bacon Look Fly While Dancing to Meghan Trainor


I’m just a man in his crocs, standing with his daughter @rudieruthie, making you look #MadeYouLook

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

On Kevin Bacon’s TikTok, he captioned the video with “I’m just a man in his crocs, standing with his daughter @rudieruthie, making you look #MadeYouLook.” The father-daughter duo then proceeds to do their best impression of Meghan Trainor’s dance moves while vibing with her 50s doo-wop/pop/R&B/soca sounds.

Kevin is wearing black pants and a navy shirt, sunglasses, and some very fancy crocs. Sosie is rocking a KISS t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, sunglasses, and suede boots. They appear to be dancing in the hallway as Trainor’s vocals are singing about wearing Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

They’re about equally talented and silly at the same time. Neither Kevin nor Sosie quite has that pop Queen vibe, but they certainly get brownie points for trying. The video already has 5.3 million views and nearly 658k likes.

Of course, fans are wild about the Bacons trying out the dance challenge.

@Meghan Trainor you’re only one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon, now!” someone righteously pointed out.

One person commented, “If you’re not croc’ing, you’re not rocking,” and Kevin Bacon replied, “Using this.”

“At least your dad can dance to choreography,” commented another. “My dad prefers a more abstract and ‘interpretive’ style.” Obviously, this comment was followed by many mentions of Footloose, as well as things like “of course he can dance, he’s Kevin Bacon.”

Sosie reposted the video to her TikTok account (which goes by the secretive handle of @rudieruthie) and got more love from fans.

“So hilarious. Your dad is an American icon. Y’all are adorable together. A treasured video for u,” said one person.

“Twisies [sic] omg and love love love crocs,” said another.

“You are your Mother’s twin!” said a third person. There were many, many comments about Sosie looking like her mom Kyra Sedgwick, or like Kevin, or like a combination of the two.

There were also many mentions of Footloose on Sosie’s page.

Sosie Bacon Says She Collaborates With Father Kevin Bacon, Whole Family

Sosie is following in her parent’s footsteps and already has a long list of acting credits to her name. She was crowned as Miss Golden Globe in 2014 and she’s attributed much of her talent to her parents’ teachings. She once told Pop Sugar that the whole family discusses acting and works on collaborations.

It’s true, too. If you look at Kevin Bacon’s Instagram, you’ll see all sorts of cute videos of the family making cute art together.

For instance, this video, where Kevin Bacon is urging fans to get out and vote and then Kyra starts dancing in the background.

Or this video, where Kevin plays guitar while the two of them sing a duet of a song by Joji. It’s beautiful. And then they burst into laughter at the end.

Meghan Trainor Got Her Family to Join in the TikTok Dance Challenge, Too

Recently, Meghan Trainor’s older brother, Ryan, also took on the TikTok dance challenge. In another viral video, he’s seen trying out her choreography. Meghan peeps her head onscreen for a second and then leaves him alone to his own devices.

Ryan Trainor captioned the video, “POV: Your sister has the number one song on TikTok and forces you to do the dance.”

That video has so far received 7.9 million views. But even better, it seemed to set off a series of videos where Ryan is dancing with Meghan. After that, the brother-sister duo is seen dancing to Trainor’s My Kind of Present” and then a training video where he’s getting coached to do “Made You Look,” again, but better.

“Take 2 ft. @meghantrainor & Riley ❤️ I’m on a mission to win most improved Tiktok dancer of 2022 #madeyoulook,” Ryan captioned. In this video, Meghan was wearing a sweatshirt, black leggings, socks, and toeless slippers. Ryan had on above-the-knee Toy Story shorts, a hoodie that said “Mad Happy,” and ankle-high white socks.

“Made You Look” Music Video Has About 20 Million Views on YouTube

The original “Made You Look” music video has already garnered 19 million views on YouTube. It features Trainor and her crew of fine dancers, dressed to the nines in every color of the rainbow. The choreography is impeccable, and the tune is catchy and poppy, so it’s clear why the world wants to join in the fun!

Trainor Made a Special Edition Extra Music Video Just for Facebook

The music video was so popular that Trainor actually made a second one just for Facebook. She gave a sneak peek on Instagram, telling fans to click on the link in her bio.

The Massachusetts native started singing and playing instruments as a young kid. At the age of 28, she’s already released five studio albums. Her most recent album was Takin’ It Back, released this October.

Trainor’s won a Grammy, 2 Billboard Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and 4 ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

The music video for Trainor’s song, “All About That Bass,” released in 2015, has garnered a shocking 2.5 billion views on YouTube. It also features extraordinary choreography and dance moves. If “Made You Look” doesn’t match 2.5 billion views on YouTube, it would be interesting to see how many views the TikTok challenge gets in total. At this point, it seems like Meghan Trainor blasted to supernova status long ago. Now she’s just circling the universe.

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