Kevin Bacon Is Having The Time of His Life Singing to His Goats

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It started with Kevin Bacon making popcorn in a wok. It ended with him strumming the guitar and singing a Beyonce song to a goat.

Somewhere in between, Bacon made a necklace from the popcorn.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

But hey, the man is an entertainer and this was one entertaining Instagram post of what Bacon termed as “wok ‘n’ roll.”

The legendary actor started his post by making the popcorn. He then broke out a needle and thread to turn the popped kernels into a necklace. After that, he broke out the guitar and started playing a cover of a Harry Styles song.

Bacon did all this while seated next to his goats. It’s hard to tell if the goat actually enjoyed the song, but there was no doubt about its feelings for Bacon’s popcorn necklace.

Kevin Bacon Sings to Goats

Of course, that was a while back, and just the first time Bacon broke out the guitar for his goats It happened again a couple of days ago — when Bacon performed the Beyonce song “Heated” for a pair of goats.

“Hot day, hot song,” he said as his introduction to the post.

Hot Day, Hot Song

The nice thing for Bacon here is he does indeed have an audience. And they seem to be fairly captivated.

Bacon, 64, has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since 1988. That’s not just a long time for celebrities, that’s a long time for anyone.

The two own a farm in Connecticut, where the goats can be seen and Bacon heard. Of course, he doesn’t just sing. He can throw in a few dance moves, too. Just as he did in one video in which he offered a sampling of songs.

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