Keeping Track Of Kirk Douglas’ Family of Boys

Kirk Douglas was known to be a man of many sides, wearing many Hollywood hats. He was an actor, director, writer, producer, and philanthropist. He came to be known as a silver screen icon as an actor during Hollywood’s Golden Age. He starred in Spartacus, The Villain, and will be remembered by many although he passed recently at his Beverly Hills home, at 103 years old.

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The silver screen introduced the world to his family in the best way it could via the 2003 drama It Runs in the Family. The film was directed by Fred Schepisi and featured three Douglas family generations including Kirk Douglas, his son Michael Douglas, and Michael Douglas’s son, Cameron Douglas. If you missed that, read below to get to know all of Kirk Douglas’ offspring.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is the oldest of the actors four sons. The product of his father’s marriage to actress Diana Dill in the 1940s along with his brother Joel.

He is an actor like his father and has achieved many accolades for his craft including being a two-time Oscar Award winner and a Golden Globe winner, and AFI Life Achievement Award and a Cecil B. Demille Award! You may recognize him from the Kominsky method, Fatal Attraction, or his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Michael is married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and they have two children, Dylan and their daughter Carys.

Joel Douglas

Son number two, Joel Douglas is two years younger than his brother Michael and is also a name you may recognize. Instead of acting like his father and brother, Joel chose to direct and has been behind the lens of many Hollywood blockbusters. These include Romancing the Stone and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Joel has been married multiple times but was most recently widowed.

Peter Douglas

The next son in the Douglas line is Peter, who is 64. Peter and his younger brother Eric Douglas were born to Kirk Douglas and his second wife, Anne, whom he married in 19454 and remained married until he died. Peter is a producer having worked famously inside Chevy Chase in films like Whip It. He won a Primetime Emmy for Inherit the Wind, a TV movie. Peter Douglas is married to Lisa Schroeder and they have four kids.

Eric Douglas:

Eric Douglas was the youngest of the Douglas men. In addition to having appeared in films like Honor bound and The Golden Child, he was also a stand-up comedian. The youngest Douglas, however, also had a pension for drugs and alcohol. He died in 2004 after an accidental overdose.

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