‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Condemns New Michael Jackson Biopic: ‘Glorify a Man Who Abused Children’

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Leaving Netherland director Dan Reed is slamming the idea of a Michael Jackson biopic saying that the new film would “glorify a man who abused children.”  The movie, which is set to focus on the singer’s childhood and stardom, is set to be produced by Graham King,  according to The Guardian.

 “No one is talking about ‘canceling’ this movie, which will glorify a man who raped children,” Reed stated. “What the total absence of outrage accompanying the announcement of this movie tells us is that Jackson’s seduction is still a living force, operating from beyond the grave.

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“It seems that the press, his fans and the vast older demographic who grew up loving Jackson are willing to set aside his unhealthy relationship with children and just go along with the music,” he continued.

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According to Reed, the film, named Michael, is being made in conjunction with the singer’s estate and is worried that they will pass several accusations that were made against Jackson.

Reed’s documentary made its debut in 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival featuring James Safechuck and Wade Robson, both of who were invited by the singer to stay at his California-based ranch. Robson alleged that Jackson raped him when he was only 7 years old.

 Back in 2005, the singer was brought up on several charges of molesting a minor, attempted child molestation, intoxicating a minor to molest him, and conspiracy to commit extortion and child abduction. 

“According to Lionsgate [the distributor], the film will address all aspects of Jackson’s life, though it is unclear how the film will address the many controversies involving the late music icon,” The Hollywood Reporter revealed. “Given that the film is made in conjunction with his estate, which has defended him against accusations of sexually abusing children.”

It’s also been revealed that the singer’s nephew, Jaffar, would play the lead singer in the upcoming film. There is yet to be an official release date for the said biopic. 

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