Johnny Depp’s Daughter is Following Her Father’s Footsteps

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Johnny Depp has done it all. He dropped out of school to be a musician and has acted produced and sung for the world since he was in his late teens. From Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean,  Edward Scissorhands, and the original 21 Jump Street, actor Johnny Depp has had his fair share of the limelight, including his fair share of scandals. In addition to his high profile life, are love interests and two children.

Love Life

Johnny Depp has married multiple times. His first marriage was to Lori Anne Allison in 1983. His marriage to the makeup artist lasted two years. In the late 80’s he proposed twice more to Sherilyn Fern and Jennifer Grey, but they never wed. The same went for his Edward Scissorhands co-star, Winona Ryder. The two were together for four years, Depp even tattooed an endearing sentiment to her on his arm.

Later, Depp was linked to Kate Moss before his relationship with Vanessa Paradis, A French singer, and actress whom he met while filming The Ninth Gate. Together the two have two children. Lily-Rose Melody Depp was born in 1999, and in 2002, the couple had a son John Christopher Depp III. According to Depp, the children weren’t planned and fatherhood wasn’t exactly in his plan, but something destined that he is grateful for.

Depp and Vanessa Paradis split in June of 2012. Then, he started seeing model/actress Amber Heard. The two married in 2015, but the following year she was filing a restraining order against him alleging abuse.

Lily Depp

Lily-Rose Melody Depp is Johnny Depp’s oldest daughter and is already making a name for herself in the Hollywood realm. She started her carer next to her father in the film Tusk. Her next few films were projects at film festivals. The Netflix documentary Period, End of Sentence, that she stars in alongside Priyanka Chopra. Lily-Rose Depp has also modeled for companies such as Chanel and in rapper Reijjie Snow’s music video.

In 2019, Depp starred alongside her aunt, Alysson Paradis in the independent short French film Quel Joli Temps Pour Jouer Ses Vingt-ans (My Last Lullaby.) The film went on to win Best Picture at the 2019 New York Film Awards and best narrative Short at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2019. Coming back to the United States, she then starred opposite Robert Pattinson and Timothee Chalamet in The King which premiere at Venice Film festival in September 2019.

Jack Depp

Jack, the youngest is now 18-years-old. He doesn’t seem to do much of acting. In fact, he seems to do almost the opposite. He stays out of the limelight. His father, Johnny Depp, says he has wonderful drafting skills, he has no intention to become an actor. Back in 2014, Depp spoke about his son, stating, “My boy, Jack, has always been a very talented draftsman. He draws really super well. He also plays music very well. He’s got a good feel for that. Aside from school plays and things, he hasn’t shown any desire to become an actor. Whew.”

Back in 2015, just a little 13-year-old boy made a rare public appearance to support his big sister, Lily, during Paris Fashion Week, who was walking in the Chanel fashion show.

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