Lionel Richie Opens Up About How Nicole Richie and Drew Barrymore’s Wilder Years Nearly Took a Toll on Him

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The singer/songwriter made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show where he talked about the wild antics of Drew and his eldest daughter, Nicole. He called the duo “one big ham sandwich.” He joked about nearly dying from pure stress and worry.

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Wild Nights


Barrymore had a bit to say about how her and her longtime friend have grown. 

“Nicole and I have grown up in and around each other, we’ve known each other for years. We’re dear friends, we’re a part of this little girl wolf pack and I think Nicole and I have figured out how to have so much fun and then like pull it together and be really good moms.”

“I don’t even know how that happened,” Richie responded, You know as parents you go, ‘This is gonna be a disaster.’”

He went on to mention Nicole’s friendship with socialite and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton. “Because Nicole and Paris, let’s talk about it, when they started out, I mean if I lived through that I can live through anything!”

In Perfect Timing

“I think also like we got it all out of our systems,” Barrymore said.

To which Richie countered, “So let me give you my side of the story, you all almost killed me,” he said, “I’m so glad you got it out of your system. I almost cut my system off. I almost lost consciousness.”

“Some nights I would get a phone call, ‘Uh Mr. Richie this is the sheriff of so and so country. We have Nicole here,’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘What did she do now?'” he continued. “‘Well she went down the wrong way of the freeway,’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is not possible, right?'”

Now he wants to know “who’s gonna pay me back for all that medication I took? “Someone said to me, ‘How did you make it through all of this?’ and I said, ‘I was somewhere between meditation and medication.’”

“It turned out perfectly, I don’t know,” he finished.

“We turned out okay,” Barrymore added.

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