Lizzo Drinks Seth Meyers Under the Table in Sloppy ‘Day Drinking’ Segment

Of Meyers’ 12 day-drinking sessions to date, this one was the most epic.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Charles Bukowski, Seth Meyers is not. But the Late Night with Seth Meyers host is racking up an impressive number of day-drinking outings with various celebs.

For his latest session — the 12th, by our count — he tapped singer/rapper Lizzo. Meyers tossed back more than a few with Lizzo in what was the most epic Seth Goes Day Drinking segment to date.

Meyers made a fitting choice, as she’s one of the year’s most successful female artists. Also, earlier this year she hosted Saturday Night Live — the variety show that made Seth Meyers famous.

They met at trendy cocktail bar Valerie at Midtown Manhattan in New York at 6:30 p.m. As expected, sloppy hilarity ensued.

Meyers and Lizzo Get Hammered as They Hammer Out a TV Bit

Seth Meyers and Lizzo start by drinking tequila shots positioned on both ends of a very long flute.

After that, they had a drinking contest in which Lizzo had to take a shot if she couldn’t recall the place where photos of her, as presented by Meyers, were taken. In a second drinking contest, called “Nog, Nog Jokes,” they had to do a shot if they laughed at a stupid joke.

“This segment … is the dumbest one we’ve ever done,” a very slurry Seth Meyers admitted. 

At one point, they consumed a drink Meyers made of ingredients grandmothers like — brandy, grand mariner, white zinfandel, and vegan strawberry Jell-O.

“Usually I’m less drunk by the end of this one,” a clearly intoxicated Seth Meyers said.

Lizzo didn’t seem to have a problem keeping up, though. The Grammy-nominated musician got so bleary-eyed that she became firmly convinced that one of the workers at the bar was Paul Rudd.

As for Meyers, after an impressive amount of drinking, the late-night talk-show host screamed aloud in the bar.

“Merry Christmas, we’re going to live forever!” Seth Meyers shouted at the top of his lungs.

That pretty much summed up the drinking session.

The video, which Meyers’ show posted yesterday on YouTube, runs more than 17 minutes long. That exceeds by more than four minutes the runner-up, his outing with another former SNL-er, Will Forte.

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