‘Magnum P.I.’ Among Four Shows Not Renewed By CBS

The Magnum P.I. re-make has been cancelled by CBS after four seasons. The network made the announcement Thursday ahead of its fall schedule presentations to advertisers.

CBS it will also drop three other shows – B Positive, Good Sam and How We Roll are also done. B Positive is in its second season, Good Sam and How We Roll are both in their first seasons.

The four shows join second-year comedy, United States of Al, in getting the ax from CBS .

Magnum P.I. stars Jay Hernandez and airs Friday nights. It figures to be the highest-rated series canceled this season by CBS, per the Hollywood Reporter. The show is averaging about 7.4 million viewers, which comfortably leads its Friday time slot. It has a 0.7 rating among adults 18-49 this season.

The axing of Magnum P.I. comes as a bit of a surprise.

USA Today had been running a national “Save Our Shows” poll, allowing readers to vote for the television shows they’d like to see renewed for another season – Magnum P.I. was the top vote getter this year.

According to TVLine last month, Hernandez was bullish on the show’s renewal prospects.

“We’re golden,” he said at the time. “I think you could bank on that. The numbers are great, it travels well internationally. So yeah, I think we’re in good shape. And you know what, they’re happy with the show. They loved this season, a lot of the stories they were really digging. And the episode I directed, they loved to the extent that I’ve already been asked to direct another one next season.”

But with CBS’ announcement today, the Hawaii-set and filmed drama will not return for a fifth season.

B Positive underwent a creative overhaul ahead of season two to focus more on Annaleigh Ashford’s character, but it was not enough to save the show.

Medical drama Good Sam, starring Sophia Bush, and comedy How We Roll, starring Pete Holmes, were both at the lower end of CBS’ ratings table this season.

With the cancellations, CBS has now decided the fates of all of its current scripted series. The network has not yet announced any new shows for 2022-23.

CBS is broadcast TV’s most-watched network.

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  1. This cancellation of magnum is really sad. I think it’s a bad decision. Have enjoyed this show since the start. Couldn’t replace it with anything that could compare. CBS is getting disgusting!!

  2. My husband and I enjoyed watching Magnum P.I . very much. I am highly disappointed in your decision to cancel it. It was one of very few shows that we could watch without worrying about the content. You had already taken McGyver off which was aggravating enough. NOW THIS!!!!

  3. Why in the world would you cancel the TOP RATED show on Friday. Along with canceling 5 O its really dumb

  4. It figures you have a winner show and you dump it. Hard to imagine how stupid you are. Which egg head made this choice

  5. Bring back Seal Team from Paramont. Can’t believe you let that one go. Magnum is a good show. B Positive was kind of going into weird places but still liked it. How We Roll wasn’t good at all. Never watched Sam.

  6. I am really dissapointed & sad that Magnum PI & Good Sam have been cancelled. Loved watching both of them!!. I don’t understand CBS cancelling top rated shows…. just doesn’t make since! They need to listen to the fans & broadcast the shows we want to watch. I hope CBS ratings plumment DOWN for this!!

  7. Really bad decision on magnum PI. Enjoyed watching it every Friday night. Do not understand why you would cancel this show
    Bad bad decision CBS

  8. One of the best shoes. What are you putting in its place another reality show? I guess I will stop watching that network. Why are they doing this to a show with hig ratings, dumb.

  9. Who is running CBS canceling your best show Magnum is bad for your business. Take another look it’s worth renewing it will help save your network.

  10. No way..I love that show….RENEW! So excited for Fri. Nite…there are so many crappy shows on & the good ones are far & few!Marilyn

  11. Why cancel a show with good ratings? I loved that show. Magnum and Higgins finally get together and you cancel the show. Reverse your ill advised decision, please!

  12. So what else is new CVS is notorious for getting rid of all of its best shows. I rarely watch CBS anymore because of that.

  13. What a bad decision! At least Magnum had a story line and excitement . We don’t need any more reality TV shows or shows that have stupid dysfunctional antics played out for 30+ minutes. Leave the good ones, please!!!!!!!!!

  14. Barely watched the show once. I followed the original Magnum P.I. The new show sucked. I am glad it got pulled.

  15. Why does CBS keep reality shows that are dumb and take off well liked shows like Magnum? It seems ridiculous to take off highly rated shows. WHAT IS THEIR REASONING? Bring it back. Let’s all petition FOX to pick it up and just quit watching CBS.

  16. I look forward to watching Magnum on Friday nights and will really miss it. There aren’t many entertaining shows on tv anymore. Why eliminate one of the good ones???

  17. It seems that this network does not understand the idea of good family entertainment. Looks like less TV watching and more game nights with the family.

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