Marilyn Manson Sued Over Allegations of Sexual Assault of a Minor

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Rock star Marilyn Manson is facing another accuser who has come forward with a claim of sexual assault, as relayed by People.

The lawsuit claims that Manson began sexually assaulting his accuser when she was 16-years old and continued into adulthood. The accuser, named Jane Doe in the suit, said she first met Manson, now 54, after a concert. He asked for her address, stating the purpose was to send her promotional material, the suit alleged.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“This lawsuit goes beyond the named predator and targets the record labels that packaged and profited from their artist’s criminal behavior, and it is an indictment of the music industry for maintaining a culture that celebrates, protects, and enables sexual predators,” said attorney Karen Barth Menzies in a press release.

Manson, born Brian Warner, allegedly then offered to let his accuser on the band’s bus, an offer that she said she accepted.

“While on the tour bus, Defendant Warner performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct upon Plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time. Warner threatened Plaintiff that, if she told anyone about the abuse, he would kill her and her family,” Doe claims in the complaint.

It goes on to say the sexual assault continued for several years. Doe admitted she began to abuse drugs and alcohol in the suit.

“Jane Doe was put in touch with Chris Vrenna, drummer of [Trent] Reznor’s band Nine Inch Nails. Vrenna encouraged her to move to Los Angeles and they began dating. Vrenna had a close association with Warner and was a credited member of the production team on Marilyn Manson albums before he joined the Marilyn Manson band,” the complaint states.

“Jane Doe traveled to numerous cities and states, including New York. At each event, Warner and his band brought her backstage and on the bus,” it continued. “During this period, Jane Doe encountered Warner virtually every day. Warner and his associates provided drugs to Jane Doe, and Warner continued to groom, harass and sexually abuse her.”

Manson recently reached a settlement with actress Esmé Bianco, who also accused him of sexual assault, as did fellow actress Evan Rachel Wood, who once said that Manson threatened to “harm her” if she spoke up about sexual abuse.

Manson’s attorneys have not responded to People’s request for comment, the publication said.

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