Martha Stewart Gushes About Her Celebrity Crush on Brad Pitt: ‘Aging Beautifully’

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Martha Stewart is spilling the beans. The 81-year-old had previously revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in November 2020 that she had quite a celebrity crush on Brad Pitt. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at her Las Vegas restaurant she explained why.

“I was asked this question last week. It was Brad Pitt because I was looking at pictures of him on Instagram, and he looks so great,” Stewart shared. “I think he’s aging beautifully. Sorry, Brad, you’re still young, but you are getting older.”

Stuart went on to add that she’d be down to have the actor, 59, join her for an episode of her very own podcast. “ I would love that,”  she added. “ You know he loves architecture and stuff. I could talk to him about a lot of things. He likes wine too.” Oh, but it didn’t end there. During the interview, she was also faced with the task of picking Pete Davidson and Drake.

“I mean, it’s hard to choose,” she stated. “They’re very, very different people. One is a funny man. One is a single man. They’re very different, and they’re both extremely attractive and pleasant and fun to be with. And charming fellows.”

But, it’s her admiration for Brad Pitt that has pretty much caused quite a stir and has been heavily documented. During her conversation with Jimmy Fallon back in November,  the chef stated that she was “fascinated with this very handsome young boy on Instagram called Brad Pitt.”

 She went on to note that she even follows a fan account that is associated with him saying, “I just sort of melt when I look at those pictures.”

She added: “He is so cute … he looks better and better as the years go by. Check it out.”  A month before her shocking Revelation of her love of Pitt, Stewart had admitted that she would go on a date with Pete Davidson, 29, if the opportunity arose. This was after his split from Kim Kardashian, and the couple was being linked.

She noted that although he has dated several women, he is “sort of cute.” “I know him…He was on the [Justin] Bieber roast with me, do you remember? He was this little twerp. He was even twerpier than Bieber. Oh he is a good guy,” Stewart stated. “Very good guy, and he knows how to get in and get out.”

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