‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’: Where Are They Now?

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show ran on CBS from 1970 to 1977. A breakthrough television show about a single, working woman, the Mary Tyler Moore show held the record for most Emmy Awards ever won for almost thirty years. The show has been off the air for 43 years, this is what the cast is up to today!

Mary Tyler Moore

The namesake and star of the show, Mary Tyler Moore was a young thirty-something when she starred as the show’s central character, Mary Richards, a Minneapolis news producer. She’d gotten her start on The Dick Van Dyke Show, which won her first Emmy Award. Since then she’s starred in Ordinary People, had recurring roles on That 70’s Show, and alongside Mary Tyle Moore Show co-star, Betty white in her newest venture, Hot in Cleveland. She’s written two memoirs and works as an activist for animal rights and works to raise awareness about juvenile diabetes. Moore passed away on January 25, 2017. She was 80- years old.

Edward Asner

The tough boss on The Mary Tyler Moore Show was played by Lou Grant. He was also the producer of the show. Post-show, he starred in a spinoff about his character Lou Grant. The show ran for five years winning him Emmy Awards. He’s worked with Disney most recently. He gave voice to the widowed Carl Fredreickse in the Disney-Pixar film UP. He was also the Santa Claus in Elf starring Will Farrell.

Valerie Harper

Valerie Harper was Rhoda, Mary’s neighbor, and best friend. Rhoda’s character also got a spinoff show. it aired for four seasons, also winning many awards for Rhoda’s character. Harper earned four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. Throughout the rest of her career she has appeared on Sex and the City, Melrose Place, starred in Valerie, and competed in the 2013 season of Dancing With the Stars. Valerie died of brain cancer in 2019.

Gavin MacLeod

Newsroom writer Murray Slaughter was portrayed by Gavin MacLeod. His character received two Golden Globe nominations. After The Mary Tyler Moore Show, he starred in The Love Boat series as Captain Stubing. He earned multiple Golden Globe nominations for this role as well. MacLeod published a memoir in 2013, in which he discusses converting to Evangelical Christianity.

Ted Knight

Ted Baxter was the office man obsessed with himself, i.e. the anchorman. He brought so many laughs to the show, that he received six Emmy. nominations. Two of which, he won. Post The Mary Tyler Moore Show he was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away at 62 years old in 1986.

Betty White

On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Betty White was the host of The Happy Homemaker, Sue Ann Nivens. Her show gave home and coking tips, often in weird themes. Betty moved on to The Golden Girls to play the lovable Rose. Since then she has hosted SNL and continued an impressive acting career, including Hot in Cleveland, a TVLand show.

Cloris Leachman


The landlord of the building where Mary and Rhoda lived as Phyllis Lindstrom. She was the nosy wife of Dr. Lars Lindstrom, a dermatologist, and mother of Bess. Bess was friends with art and Rhoda. Another spinoff tv series was given to Cloris Leachman called Phyllis. She and her daughter, Bess relocate to San Francisco after the death of her husband. She’s won multiple Emmys and Oscar awards for her work. The Last picture, Malcolm in the Middle, and Dancing With the Stars were some of her ventures post The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  

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