Maureen O’Hara Broke Her Wrist After Slapping John Wayne in ‘The Quiet Man’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Legendary on-screen duo John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara starred in five films together. But one of their most unforgettable scenes was also one of their loudest — even if the movie in which it took place was called The Quiet Man.

Considered to be a passion project for revered director John Ford, Wayne and O’Hara took the drama to the next level in one scene, according to In it, Maureen O’Hara smacked her co-star so hard across the face that she broke her wrist.

“Even though the pair had undeniable affection for each other, their film takes weren’t always flawless,” the website said.

Maureen O’Hara Vs. John Wayne

The slap heard ‘round the … well, set of the movie, at least, was indeed born out of genuine frustration on the part of the actress.

“That particular day I was mad at him,” Maureen O’Hara reportedly said. “I was hitting him for real and I was intending to break his jaw. As you’ll see, as I hauled off to hit him, he puts his hand up and stops it. In that moment he snaps my wrist back and cracked a bone in my wrist.”

In fact, her injury was so bad that she had to go to the hospital afterward, said. Because movie productions were grittier back then, Maureen O’Hara went back to the set later that day despite her injury.

O’Hara was reportedly peeved at Wayne and Ford because they had put sheep poop across an area where John Wayne’s character would drag Maureen O’Hara’s.

“Let me tell you, it stinks!” Maureen O’Hara reportedly said. “They loved tormenting me. Probably because I reacted. If I had had the sense not to even react they probably would have quit tormenting me.”

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