Meet Maya Rudolph’s Partner, Paul Thomas Anderson

The director of ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘The Master’ is one of the most revered directors in the entire world.

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Videos by Rare

Actor/comedian Maya Rudolph and director Paul Thomas Anderson met in 2001 and, 21 years later, are still partners. So, who is this Anderson guy? 

Paul Thomas Anderson, the Director

Well, he happens to be one of the most revered directors in the entire world.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name “Paul Thomas Anderson,” you’ll certainly recognize some of his films. Many of them are considered to be among the best films of the past 25 years. They include: Boogie Nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), Punch-Drunk Love (2002), There Will Be Blood (2007), The Master (2012), Inherent Vice (2014), Phantom Thread (2017), and Licorice Pizza (2021).

Born in July 1970 in Studio City, Los Angeles, he went to college briefly. During one of those stints — at Emerson College in Massachusetts — he taught under David Foster Wallace. Around that time, Anderson got the acting bug and never looked back.

Paul Thomas Anderson, the Supportive Husband

Maya Rudolph and Anderson have four children, all of whom acted in Licorice Pizza. Rudolph also played a role in that movie and a second Anderson production, Inherent Vice.

Anderson opened up about his relationship with Rudolph during an episode of Hear Andy Cohen Live, in late 2017.

When asked which Maya Rudolph sketches and characters on SNL are his favorites, Anderson said: “The first thing that pops into my mind, may all-time favorite — it’s not a character, but [my] favorite thing she ever did was ‘The National Anthem.’ To see her sing [it] was, like, a hand’s-down, all-time classic, A-plus across the board.”

Anderson added that he likes all his wife’s classic characters, like Beyonce and the Donnatellas. He rattled his brain to think of one more of his favorite Rudolph moments:

“It was her and Rachel Dratch as hosts of a kind of public access television show in a high school,” he recalled. “That was the character that really made me fall in love with her.”

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