Meet Nick Cannon’s Baby Mommas and His 11 Children!

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Nick Cannon is populating the world like there’s no tomorrow. He’s got baby mommas overlapping with their births and most of them seem to be in on-and-off relationships with the rapper. Meet Nick Cannon’s baby mommas and his 11 children, going on 12.

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Nick Cannon Seems Pretty Set on Having All These Kids

“I’m having these kids on purpose, I don’t have no accident,” the “Feelin’ Freaky” rapper said on his radio show. That was in 2021.

“Trust me, there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t. The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

Fast-forward a year, and Nick Cannon was whistling to a slightly different tune. Speaking to E News’ Daily Pop, he mused about getting a vasectomy.

“I love all my children,” Cannon assured. “I don’t know if I would have designed it this way. But it’s one of those things, when you are blessed with the gifts of children. I find solace, I find peace in my children. And I find purpose… I already went and got my vasectomy consultation. I’m not here looking to populate the Earth completely. But I’m definitely looking forward to taking care of and loving all the children that I currently have.”

Well, maybe that consultation didn’t go over so well. Or maybe Cannon decided he does want to populate the Earth. Because he’s already welcomed baby number 11 — and number 12 is on its way! He’s got a full Cheaper by the Dozen clan coming up.

The Masked Singer host has been known to date a ton of women, all gorgeous by the way. Here are his progenies so far and the women who have mothered them:

Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon

Monroe and Moroccan (Roe and Roc) are fraternal girl and boy twins born in April 2011. Their mother is Queen of Pop and Songbird Supreme, Mariah Carey. Cannon and Carey were married in 2008, separated in 2014, and divorced in 2016. Monroe and Moroccan are 11 now. One year ago, their parents had a bit of a squabble over Cannon buying them cell phones. Carey didn’t want the kids Googling them. She also didn’t want Monroe and Moroccan’s half-siblings to ask for cell phones, too.

“I still got them the cellphones for their [10th] birthday,” Cannon said. “We had this amazing party with jump jumps, their friends came, it was so amazing. Then it was time to open the gifts, I was like, ‘I’m going to leave these right here and tell your mama I’ll be back.’ Mariah is still mad at me till this day.”

Both Roc and Roe already have IMDb pages and have been acting alongside their momma since 2017 and 2016, respectively. Both kids also have some pipes and have sung alongside Mariah Carey, notably joining in “Always Be My Baby” in 2017. And you can spot them on Carey’s Instagram and TikTok, like in this hilarious video where they do a fashion catwalk show and then get in a little fight afterward. “No kids were harmed in the making of this video,” Carey captioned.

Golden Warrior “Sagon” Cannon

Golden was born in February 2017. His mother is former Miss Arizona and Miss Guam, model Brittany Bell. Cannon announced the birth on Instagram with a sweet picture of him and his newborn baby boy.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning!” the rapper wrote. “No matter how hard the world may hit you, God always reminds us of our purpose!

Powerful Queen Cannon

Powerful was born in December 2020. She is Golden’s full-blood sister as she shares the same mom.

“The best gift ever. we have been surprised with… A GIRL!!!!!” Bell wrote on Instagram shortly after Powerful’s birth. “Powerful Queen Cannon came this week perfect timing for Christmas. So much more to share. All I can say is that Nick was my rock through the most intense yet empowering natural water birth. It was nothing but POWERFUL.”

Zillion and Zion Cannon

Zillion and Zion are twins, too! Their momma is DJ Abby De La Rosa and they were born in June of 2021.

“Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon & Zillion Heir Cannon,” wrote their mom on Instagram. She posted a sweet video of herself holding the babies in the hospital.

Zen Cannon

Zen was born in June of 2021 as well! His mother is model Alyssa Scott. When Alyssa and Nick announced the pregnancy, they shared some nude bathtub photos revealing the baby bump.

But Zen had a tragically short life. His parents noticed that he was suffering from sinus issues and fluid building up in his head. Zen was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and, despite getting surgery, he passed away at the young age of 5 months old.

“Oh my sweet Zen. The soreness I felt in my arm from holding you is slowly fading away,” wrote Scott on Instagram. “It’s a painful reminder that you are no longer here. I caught myself looking in the backseat as I was driving only to see the mirror no longer reflecting your perfect face back at me. When I close a door too loudly I hold my breath and wince knowing a soft cry will shortly follow. It doesn’t come. The silence is deafening.”

Legendary Love Cannon

Legendary was born in June of 2022. His mother is model, actress, and realtor Bre Tiesi. Bre told the Know For Sure podcast that she and Cannon had been in an on-and-off relationship for a decade.

“LEGENDARY LOVE CANNON!!!!” wrote his dad on Instagram after his birth. “Y’all gonna need a wide screen for this name!!! So grateful to God The Most High Elohim YAWEH for a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious Spirit having a Human Experience!!”

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon

Onyx was born in September 2022. Her mother is photographer and model LaNisha Cole. Nick Cannon wrote a lengthy introduction on Instagram after her birth. He, LaNisha, and Onyx were in a hospital room, with the parents masked up, likely because of COVID protols.

“Introducing ONYX ICE COLE CANNON… Once again Today I am in Awe of the Devine Feminine! God has given me and @MissLanishaCole the privilege of hosting an Angel here on earth. I vow to protect, provide, guide and love this child to the best of my abilities. In this moment of celebration and jubilee, I wish to mute any low vibrational frequencies and only rejoice with the Highest Class of Civilization who are truly aligned with our purpose here in this dimension…”

It continues and you can see the full post here.

Rise Messiah

Rise was also born in September 2022. Her mom is Brittany Bell, making her Golden and Powerful’s baby sister!

“My Rise came right on time,” Bell wrote recently on Instagram. She posted a series of adorable photos of her new baby girl. “Calling me higher in challenges of darkness to a renewal of Sunshine. My Rise is patient and full of growth… My Rise was meant for such a time as this and gives me a peace from Heaven…”

Bell was in labor for 48 hours. It began as a home birth and then turned into an emergency C-section. Nick posted a beautiful video commemorating her strength and her BlessingWay celebration.


Zeppelin Cannon was born this month, November of 2022. Her momma is Abby De La Rosa, making her Zillion and Zion’s baby sister! Leading up to her birth, Abby was sharing several gorgeous photos of her baby bump on social media. Less than two weeks ago, she shared a photo of the 2-day-old baby girl.

“Our Dearest Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon, We’ve known you for 2 days now and I’m in still in awe that you chose @nickcannon & I to be your parents,” wrote De La Rosa. Not one single word can express the love we have for you. We are so blessed to have this front row seat in your world. Your brothers can’t wait to meet you (our family is wild but it’s yours, no matter what.”

Baby #12

Coming Up: Alyssa Scott, momma to the late Zen, announced she is pregnant again with Nick’s child. She posted a photo of her baby bump to Instagram with the caption, “With you by my side…” However, shortly after, she made her Instagram private.

We don’t know when baby #12 is due, but we can certainly say, the family reunions are probably bonkers!

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