Michael J. Fox’s Candid Reflections on Living with Parkinson’s Disease in ‘Still’ Documentary Trailer

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The actor is giving viewers an in-depth glimpse into his life story with Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. The documentary just released its first trailer. It’s set to premiere May 12 on Apple TV+.

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Davis Guggenheim directed the project. In it, Fox opens up about his personal experience with Parkinson’s disease. The film is rumored to show never-before-seen private journey, including the years that followed his diagnosis.”

Fox appears to focus on his work, personal life, and positivity as he navigates the diagnosis he received at just 29-years-old. “I’m a tough son of a bitch,” Fox, now 61, says in the trailer.

Fox’s wife, Tracy Pollan, is also starring in the documentary. The story “recounts Fox’s extraordinary story in his own words — the improbable tale of an undersized kid from a Canadian army base who rose to the heights of stardom in 1980s Hollywood.”

The synopsis goes on to say that the film is “Intimate and honest, and produced with unprecedented access to Fox and his family, the film chronicles Fox’s personal and professional triumphs and travails, and explores what happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease. With a mix of adventure and romance, comedy and drama, watching the film feels like … well, like a Michael J. Fox movie.”

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Fox did a Q&A after the project’s South by Southwest screening in March. He talked about his 1991 diagnosis and going public about the health condition in 1998.

When asked about how he encouraged people to care about the disease, he replied: “I didn’t have a choice. This is it. I have to give everything I have, and it’s not lip service. I show up and do the best I can. Pity is a benign form of abuse. I can feel sorry for myself, but I don’t have time for that. There is stuff to be learned from this, so let’s do that and move on.”

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