New Season Of ‘Westworld’: Fans Find HBOs Hidden Trailer

Fans just cracked the code for the new season of Westworld. They found the teaser trailer for season four hidden on the internet. The teaser trailer was deliberately published without announcement as a sort of “Easter Egg” hunt. Chris Godefroy, director of HBO Media Relations said it was a present for super fans of the show.

As it happened, fans found the trailer for season four on Thrillest’s Instagram stories of all places. It was completely unlisted and was published with a picture of New York City.

Just like the clue, the Westworld trailer features a dystopian New York City. The trailer’s set to “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed. There is no dialogue, as Reed’s lyrics describe it all:

“Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
Someone good”

The trailer features all the tension, terror, and surrealism that we expect the new season of Westworld to deliver. Warner Media describes the new season as “a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth.”

Stars Thandiwe Newton, Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, and Angela Sarafyan will all be returning. Also returning with a cameo is Oscar winner Ariana DeBose from West Side Story.

The new season of Westworld releases on June 26th on HBO and HBO Max.

You have just over a month to catch up on season three in case you missed it during the pandemic. Therefore, you know what to do.

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