Nicole Kidman Was Originally Set to Star in ‘Panic Room’ Instead of Jodie Foster

The two rehearsed for many weeks before Kidman bowed out of the project due to an injury.

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Nicole Kidman came this close to starring in 2002’s home-invasion thriller Panic Room. But before director David Fincher finished the flick, the Australian actress regrettably left the project — and Jodie Foster stepped in to fill in Kidman’s shoes.

After Kidman and co-star, Kristen Stewart rehearsed for many weeks before the former bowed out due to an injury. Per ABC News, Kidman sustained a knee injury during the filming of Moulin Rouge. It flared up again during the Panic Room shoot.

Kidman and Stewart: An Acting Match Made in Heaven

While Stewart had a couple of small roles before Panic Room, her breakthrough came with that film.

Almost a year ago, Stewart told Variety that she and Kidman got along swimmingly on the set. She made the comments in the media outlet’s Actors on Actors series, in which the two expressed their mutual admiration for each other.

“We were meant to work together, how many years ago?” Kidman asked during the interview.

“I was 10 years old,” Stewart recalled.

“Yes, you were 10!” Kidman replied. “I remember David Fincher saying, ‘Oh my God, we have discovered the most incredible, incredible actress.’ And then I got injured and ended up not playing your mama. And Jodie came in and was just brilliant and wiped the floor. But that’s a history that a lot of people probably wouldn’t know, right?”

Stewart agreed.

“It’s crazy how stuff falls off the truck like that, because we spent a couple of weeks rehearsing,” she said. “I was a little guy, but it was an interesting time to meet somebody — and still have a vivid memory of it, because … the way you treat kids is so telling of you. … I just felt like I was buds with you, and that says so much.

Stewart continued: “You were so nice to me. It was … a short period of time — two or three weeks — but I was always like … ‘She’s one of my friends.’ You gave me walkie-talkies for Christmas!”

“But isn’t that crazy?” Kidman replied. “Here we are, decades later. Fincher was right, as he always is. … Thus we’re sitting here, and I get to be your bud!”

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