Steve Harvey ‘Lost A Lot Of Respect’ For Will Smith, Says Slap Was ‘Punk Move’

“The slap” that won’t go away…

Speaking to 100+ law students in Atlanta on Thursday, comedian Steve Harvey says he would’ve responded much less graciously to being slapped by Will Smith than Chris Rock did.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Harvey was the keynote speaker for an engagement Thursday at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

“I’m a Christian, but I’m really undeveloped,” Harvey said.  “I don’t have high-level Christianity. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m like a 2. That’s the level of Christianity I can work on.  You slap T.D. Jakes, he’ll turn the other cheek. You slap me? If you sit back in your seat, Jada would have to move out of the way. That’s the type of Christian I am.”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Harvey spoke for two hours on various subjects, including his new show, his journey in the entertainment business, and the slap, which is still being talked about two months after it happened.

Harvey told the crowd he was honored and flattered to be invited to speak to GSU law students.  He said he barely graduated high school in Cleveland. He went through periods of living in his car. He lost all his savings twice and had to rebuild. He had to overcome a stutter.  He told the crowd hard work has been one of the keys to his success.

“You can’t outhustle me,” Harvey said. “My ability to work and grind covered up a lot of faults.”

Harvey went on to say Smith’s slap was a “punk move” and that he “lost a lot of respect for Will Smith.”

Smith was banned from all Oscars-related events for the next ten years and has publicly apologized on social media.

“I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” Smith stated.

Rock has said he won’t discuss the incident further “until I get paid.”  But Rock was in attendance when Dave Chappelle got attacked on stage recently.  Immediately after the attack, Rock got on the mic and asked Chappelle, “Was that Will Smith?”  The crowd erupted in laughter, and Rock’s quip took the edge off the moment.

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  1. Preach Steve he needs to be knocked down a peg or two. He chose the one he knew would not act a fool and for that reason only I have respect for Chris. I am with you on he would have got a beat down. He showed his true colors and I too have lost ALL respect I had for him which has been on the decline with all personal business they put out on their “Red Table” show. It is obvious she has no respect for Will but he stays. Look like him Depp are riding in the same boat.

  2. Who you think you are.look into your.iwn pass vef I re.making comment on some else messing with a king pe. And a married woman. AND EVERYONE NEEF TO LOOK AT CHRIS HE HAD NO business talking g about his woman wife also comedian always taking about people that not funny that’s a form of bullying to ne double standards check yourself

    • I don’t know exactly what you said but I’m assuming that you think it is okay to respond to words with physical violence. Judging by the incomprehensible tripe that is your comment, your take on this doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Steve, isn’t there a video out saying that you’d kill everybody in the building over Marjorie? Come on now!

  4. Chris Rock is cursed with the inability to asses physical clues and that’s why he stood there and got slapped. He didn’t react normally which in my case would have meant Will Smith waking up next week.

  5. Will was most definitely wrong in his actions but I will tell you who else I think was wrong and that was Jada! She could have worn a wig/weave whatever but she chose not to because she wanted attention. If her hair had been grown out she would have wore some kind of scarf or weave but it was the perfect opportunity for her to get much needed attention. And she’s got Willow doing the same thing. Will obviously cannot see through her. He would be a better man with a woman who really loves him and appreciate hims. Notice how he took the blame for everything while Ms.Jada sat back and let him!!

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