Ozzy Osbourne, ‘Prince of Dadness’? The Metal Legend Has Lots of Kids

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John Michael Ozzy Osbourne has had a legendary career that has spanned decades and brought him countless accolades. From being a reality TV show personality to having a solo career, opening Ozzfest and, of course, fronting the heavy metal band Black Sabbath as the “Prince of Darkness”. In addition to all that the singer has been an avid family man throughout his life, starting with his first wife, Thelma Riley, with whom he had several children. After his first marriage ended Ozzy eventually married his second wife Sharon Osbourne in 1982, with whom he had two more children. In total Ozzy has 6 children, including an adopted son. Here are the members of the Osbourne family.

Children with First Wife Thelma Riley

In 1971 Ozzy Osbourne married Thelma Riley, who worked at a nightclub at the time. The marriage did not last long, but the pair had two children together. The first was Jessica, followed by Ozzy’s first son, Louis. Ozzy’s marriage to Thelma Riley did not last long, though. On top of touring, Ozzy’s heavy drug use made him a… less than ideal husband to Thelma and dad for these two kids. Not much is known about Jessica, Ozzy’s eldest daughter. She tends to stay away from any sort of limelight and she doesn’t care for any of Ozzy’s new family. Also, she opted not to be in any of the reality show episodes.

Louis John Osbourne is the rock and roll legend’s oldest son. Louis seems to still be in contact with the rest of the family. He appeared in the reality show, The Osbournes making cameos helping the family out, and playfully joking with his half-siblings. He has had a small career in entertainment himself. He was a club DJ for a while and has made multiple cameos documentary films including God Bless Ozzy Osbourne and Singing in the Shadow: the Children of Rock Royalty. Outside of entertainment, Louis has a wife named Louise and a daughter named Maia.

While married to Thelma Ozzy also adopted a son, Elliot Kingsley. Elliot was Thelma’s child from another marriage and Ozzy adopted him as his own.

Children with Sharon Osbourne

Aimee Osbourne

Aimee was the first child born to Sharon and Ozzy. Born in 1983, she has avoided the spotlight since she was a child. So much so that she moved out of her parents’ house at just 16 when they were taping The Osbournes. She has, however, started a bit of a Hollywood career since then as a songwriter. Her single “Raining Gold” was released in 2015 and saw some internet success.

Jack Osbourne

Ozzy’s son Jack was born just a few years after his sister, in 1985. He started appearing in shows like in Dawson’s Creek, X Factor and others from a young age. He continued his career with reality shows like Saving Planet Earth and Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie. He was married to actress Lisa Stelly for six years before they eventually split. They do still co-parent their children Pearl, Minnie, and Andy Rose.

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy’s third daughter is the most well known of his kids. After getting her start starring in The Osbournes she went on the work on Fashion Police on E!, Dancing with The Stars, Australia’s Got Talent, and Project Runway Junior. She also voiced the character Hildy Gloom in The 7D, a Disney XD show.

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