Pregnant Mama Nails Epic Salsa Dance, Goes Viral

Holy moly, I really have to give it to this pregnant Mama! I can’t even do this, and I am nowhere near pregnant! So, imagine being 35 weeks pregnant and absolutely crushing the dancefloor with a salsa dance! Yes, this mom decided to cure her morning sickness and subduce her cravings by creating this energetic salsa routine.

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Since it was uploaded Valentina Izzara’s dance has become insanely viral because it is INSANE. The viral video starts as Valentina walks to the center of the dance floor as the Latin song Despacito starts playing. As expected, the first thing people can see is the pregnant salsa dancer’s round baby bump. Not only that, but this woman is wearing HIGH HEELS! A queen, y’all, I want to be part of her dance class. This is supersonic talent!

Mama on the Move!

Shortly after she is joined by her partner, as they dance all over the floor showing her slick dance moves and salsa steps. You can automatically tell the couple has so much chemistry together. The viral video shows the pregnant woman wearing a short black dress which allows her to move very smoothly as she twists and turns, showing the crowd she was born to dance. The crowd is seen watching in amusement as the personalized dance routine ends with a very slick bend before the duo disappears from the stage. As expected, the couple was showered with claps and praise from the crowd who cheered them all the way till the end.

Now, to all of you Karens out there who think this is very irresponsible, especially since the mom is 35 weeks pregnant, this is perfectly okay. According to several OB-GYN experts, dancing is quite helpful when it comes to pregnancy since it helps the mom stay healthy and keeps the body fit due to physical activity. But, obviously, you should always check with your doctor before attempting to do it.

Still, major probs to Valentina here, because well, she’s a real superstar. Also, the stamina on this woman! I can barely climb a flight of stairs and I’m already out of breath. This woman is twisting and turning while carrying a literal baby inside of her, and it doesn’t even look like she’s sweating. I’m telling you, moms are like superheroes. I need her to dance some bachata or teach me some Zumba, now. I love these dancing videos, you know this baby girl is going to come out dancing.

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