Do they really never forget? Here are 12 facts you may not know about elephants

LOWER SABIE, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: An African Elephant throws dust over itself beside a pool in Krugar National Park on July 8, 2013 in Lower Sabie, South Africa. The Kruger National Park was established in 1898, and is South Africa's premier wildlife park, spanning an area of approximately 2 million hectares. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

They’re beloved by people the world over, but how much do we really know about elephants?

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Here are 12 fun facts about these large land animals with kind hearts.

  1. Elephants can move backwards and forwards, but cannot trot, jump or gallop.
  2. Elephants are capable of human-like emotions, including sadness.
  3. Touching is an important form of communication among the elephant population.
  4. Elephants are born blind. A baby elephant can weigh up to 260 pounds.
  5. Elephants’ skin is so sensitive, they can feel something as light as flies on their backs.
  6. An elephant’s trunk can pick up the smallest items, like a single grain of rice.
  7. Poachers illegally kill elephants for their ivory tusks.
  8. Elephants love water and are great swimmers.
  9. Female elephants can have babies until they are 50 years old.
  10. Elephants’ eyes are small, and their eyesight is poor.
  11. Baby elephants can stand shortly after birth.
  12. An elephant can live as long as 70 years.

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