A baby calf thinks it’s a dog, and there’s nothing wrong with that

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A calf was born oxygen-deprived and was shunned by its animal family, but it’s a good thing Baby James likes canines.

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The calf, born at the Happy Hens & Highlands Farm outside Asheville, N.C., was unable to nurse so, at first, he was fed through tubes.

Then, another health scare sidelined James, when vets found an infection near his navel. Surgery meant that James was separated further from the pack.

Now, he’s strong enough to wrestle around with the most unlikely animals: dogs. The farm’s collective have taken James in as one of their own.

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The dogs have showered the cow with love, cleaning him, treating him as one of their own, and the owners love dressing James up in various costumes.

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