A beautiful white deer gave birth to two fawns — can you spot their differences?

"Hi everyone, we just wanted to share some things that go on when you own a deer farm. Just like in the wild it is fawn season, this is a clip of Lacy giving birth to her white buck fawn, the brown fellow was born when Jack had just turned his back for two minutes ;) Lacy is an awesome mom and we will post some more videos of the minutes after birth too !!!"

Content Warning: The video contains footage of the birth

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Lacy, a beautiful white deer, gave birth to two fawns between 10 and 13 minutes apart.

The first fawn resembled Bambi. Its soft, brown fur and white spots were far different than the color of its mother.

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The second fawn was born a spitting image of its mom. Once she finished cleaning the fawn with her tongue — just as she did for her firstborn — its pale white fur was revealed.

Watch the beautiful animal birth captured on camera.

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