A calf born in Texas looks just like KISS frontman Gene Simmons, tongue and all

For years, KISS frontman Gene Simmons has been known for the distinctive black-and-white face paint he wears while performing.

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Genie, born in Texas last Friday, could be the musician’s long-lost sister — except for the fact that she’s a cow.

Drew Taylor posted a picture of the cow, born on Heather Leonard Taccetta’s Kerrville ranch, on his business Facebook page on Saturday.

“I didn’t realize how uncanny the comparison was until a friend put the two pictures side by side,” he said of Genie’s face next to Gene’s. “I said, ‘Can I have that picture? Can I use it?’”

Simmons himself couldn’t believe it when he saw pictures of the calf.


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And this is one case of where being cute saves the day, because Genie will become the mascot of a steakhouse now, instead of someone’s dinner.

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