A disoriented turtle crossed a highway four times to lay her eggs

Police shut down a Key West highway last week so that a disoriented loggerhead turtle could successfully lay her eggs.

The turtle was seen crossing the busy four-lane road four times, back and forth, from one side to Smather’s Beach.

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At around 5 a.m. last Wednesday, police were called out to direct traffic around the massive turtle.

“We were well aware of the dire circumstances the turtle was in, having crossed the road once to make a nest in inhospitable terrain,” Officer Carter Sims, who was the first to arrive on scene, told the Miami Herald.

Officers set up a perimeter, blocking traffic to ensure safe passage for the turtle.

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Volunteers were able to relocate the nest closer to the sea. In all, there were 127 eggs, according to the Key West Sea Turtle Club.

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