A dog was saved by a cop after she accidentally ingested some prescription meds

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A dog in Maine got into a stash of Oxycodone, scaring her owner into thinking her beloved pooch would overdose.

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The owner, Leslie Reynolds, flagged down Sgt. David Chauvette last week in York County, worried that her canine named Addie had ingested the legally prescribed drug. Reynolds’ daughter was prescribed Oxycodone for a back injury, and Addie got into the pills when the daughter left her purse containing the medicine on a chair.

Luckily, Sgt. Chauvette had Narcan on hand, and administered it to the pet immediately.

According to the state’s Attorney General’s office, it is the first time Narcan has been used on a dog. It was also Sgt. Chauvette’s first time administering the drug.

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Later, the owner told authorities that Addie had recovered. She told them she was grateful that they had the right antidote on hand.

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