A feral hog wanted none of this Florida woman’s hospitality

A feral hog showed up at a Florida woman’s home recently, but the animal was hardly an invited guest.

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The pig’s presence meant that Joanie Mathews was stuck in her truck for hours — because this was one mean pig.

“She would circle the truck. I was sitting right here in my truck, and she would come up, and I would jump in the back seat, and I was like, ‘Go away pig!’” Mathews told NBC 2.

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The animal bit Mathews three times when she tried to offer it a bit of food.

“She wasn’t cooperating with the food and stuff. She just wasn’t having it,” Mathews said.

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Instead, the animal dug up parts of the woman’s lawn. It took three sheriff’s deputies to subdue the pig and to escort the terror to the county’s agricultural impound yard, where it will stay, should anyone claim it.

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