A golfer captures a venomous snake crushing and dining on an iguana on the green

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A golfer captured the disturbing moment a snake wrapped its body around an iguana to devour it.

Murray Darling pulled his camera out after he saw a venomous Golden Tree Snake crush an iguana with its jaws on the 14th green of The Royal Golf And Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand, reports The Mirror. After attacking its victim, the snake coiled around the iguana’s body and proceeded to eat it head-first.

“My golf was bad but I was having a better day than this poor lizard on the 14th green,” Murray said. He added that he “got off the green swiftly” and let the snake “enjoy his dinner.”

The Mirror said that Golden Tree Snakes do not usually eat prey as large as the iguana and that such attacks do not usually occur in broad daylight.

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