A mama dog did all she could to save her pups from drowning in a heavy downpour

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A dog named Lu quickly responded when her four puppies’ lives were suddenly in grave danger due to a heavy downpour in Dong Nai, Vietnam. Lu and her owner had to race against the clock to bring her pups to safety.

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The instinct to save her kids completely took over, as Lu dug furiously through the dirt to reach the puppies under concrete.

The dog’s owner, according to the Daily Mail, spoke glowingly about the rescue and said “she’s so loyal and protective of her children.”

“While there’s life, there’s always hope,” Binh Dao Thi said. “Heavy rain made the dog’s lair soaked in water and it was flooded. There was nothing the mother could do about that. But she went back to rescue her puppies.”

“There were four that she brought back out of the hole. They all survived and they have recovered. I’m sure that no more are in there because the mother would never have left them,” he added.

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