A Missouri man proposes with a little help from a very tall friend

Cody Hall knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Makayla Blakey, but to make the event more memorable, he enlisted Blakey’s favorite animal: the giraffe.

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Hall worked with the staff at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri, hoping to utilize their giraffe, Mili, in the proposal. Carefully, he tied the ring on a lanyard and the zookeepers wrapped it around Mili’s neck.

On a behind-the-scenes tour, the young couple came upon the giraffe’s enclosure, and Hall made his move.

After taking the lanyard from around Mili’s neck, he got to one knee and asked Blakey to marry him.

“Giraffes are her favorite animals, and I really wanted to give her an experience she wouldn’t forget,” Hall, 24, from Willard, Missouri, told People magazine. “I figured I only get to propose once in my life, so I might as well make it count!”

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, the giraffe even gave Blakey a little nuzzle on the head during the romantic moment.

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“Even though I knew she was going to say yes, it’s a completely different feeling when I actually heard her say it. I don’t really have the word to describe it because perfect doesn’t even do it justice,” Hall said. “She’s my better half, she really is. She’s going to be something I’m thankful for every day.”

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