A mysterious dinosaur-like creature that was found in a subterranean lair in India

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Videos by Rare

An electrician’s recent discovery in India is the stuff of paleontologists’ dreams.

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That’s because a worker cleaning out an abandoned sub-station found the remains of a dinosaur-looking creature — with skin still on its bones!

The location, previously uninhabited for 35 years, proved the perfect incubating area for the fossil, but it’s still perplexing scientists the world over.

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The discovery happened in Jaspur, a small city in Uttarakhand, India, and it has now been sent for analysis, including carbon dating, which will determine its age.

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And while the remains look dinosaur-like, experts say it would be near-impossible that that’s what it is — especially due to its skin still being a factor. After all, dinosaurs have been extinct for some 65 million years.

“Non-avian dinosaurs have been extinct for the past 65 million years but it does resemble theropods, a suborder of dinosaurs which included bipedal carnivores,” said Delhi University PhD student Aaryan Kumar. “But a dinosaur skeleton could not have been found in such a well-preserved condition after millions of years without it being in a fossilized state. The only even slightly possible way is it was chemically preserved to store it in a museum. But if that was the case, how did it end up here?”

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