A rare shark with a snake’s head surfaced near Portugal

An extraordinarily rare shark was caught off the coast of the Portugal coast recently, and it had animal-watchers and industry experts doing double-takes.

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It’s the “Demon” shark, a frilled fish with a body like a snake and a head like a shark. It was captured off the Algarve coast, Portugal’s southernmost region, according to The Sun.

The animal measured 4 feet 9 inches, and those in-the-know say it belongs to a species that dates back 80 million years, during the peak of the dinosaur age.

The first observation of the shark, about which little is known, was more than 10 years ago, off the coast of the southeastern United States.

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The shark has also been seen near Japan, Australia and in the Tokyo Bay just last April, when the creature was caught on film, according to Japanese news website Mantan.

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