A stag party turned literal when the partygoers spotted a rare creature in the woods

A group of guys on a bachelor party weekend went hiking in Scotland and saw a most curious creature.

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It was a rare, “ghostly” white stag seen with a herd of red deer.

“We were getting into the middle of the wilderness when we spotted the herd,” explained Marc Brunelle, who took the photos of the creature. “There were about 200 of them — it was magical.”

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According to scientists, the white stag — whose location is being protected so as not to interest hunters — has leucism, which causes a loss of pigmentation.

The stag is one of just a “handful” living in Britain. It was sighted by the men in Cairngorms National Park on Jan. 7.

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White stags are rare, but they have been documented. One was seen on Scotland’s West Coast in 2012, and another was photographed in the Scottish Highlands in 2008.

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