A woman and her chihuahua survived after being lost for six days in the Washington wilderness

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A 71-year-old woman and her chihuahua were rescued after she got lost in the wilderness in Washington State.

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The woman, Sajean Geer, was out on the hike to scatter her husband’s ashes in one of his favorite places. On July 18, she headed for Olympic National Park with her Chihuahua-terrier mix Yoda.

Geer soon became disoriented when she was looking for a place to scatter his ashes.

“I couldn’t find my car, I couldn’t find the road and I got really disoriented,” Geer told KIRO.

Geer, who describes herself as an experienced hiker, wasn’t carrying any survival gear. She made a shelter for herself and Yoda and drank water from a stream three times a day. She ate ants, currants and pine needles.

Several days later, an alert park ranger spotted Geer’s vehicle and the search narrowed.

On July 23, Olympic National Park Service observers took their search efforts to the skies and spotted Geer as she was going to get water.

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“I start waving my hands as much as possible and I go, ‘Please see me, please see me,'” she said. “Then, finally, they waved at me.”

Geer was taken to the Olympic Medical Center and treated for “a few scratches” and dehydration, but was released that night.

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